M/A Associates Vehicle Soaps

As a custom detergent manufacturer, M/A Associates strives to provide the best products at the best prices and vehicle soaps has been one of longest standing and most successful lines. Our concentrates are ideal for manual or mechanical car, bus or truck washing needs.

We work customers who are simple responsible for a few car and some who have fleets of trucks, buses and automobiles. We understand that you want clean vehicles at a good price. We can help you work with the concentrates to make sure that you are using the right amount based on current needs; in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we all know that needs changes as quickly as the weather.

Here are some of our best selling, custom-made vehicle soaps:

  • M/A : Heavy duty (brushless), eco-friendly, vehicle/equipment cleaner and degreaser. Great for pressure washing.
  • M/A Miracle Clean: Medium duty vehicle detergent and equipment cleaner/degreaser. Great for pressure washing.
  •  M/A Kleen & Shine: Medium duty vehicle detergent with wax. Leaves a bright shine. Great for manual washing.
  •  M/A Mighty Purple: Medium duty, high lubricity, high sudsing, vehicle and equipment cleaner. Great for manual washing.