M/A Associates Degreasers

Floor Cleaner/Degreaser

M/A has a range of specialty degreasers and cleaners that have been developed to offer high performance characteristics across a number of environments including extreme cold and heat. We have detergents and solutions such as oil and grease removing products, oil dispersants, degreasing concrete cleaners, and heavy duty detergents for use in industrial and commercial environments including engineering workshops, cooling towers, water storage tanks, food processing plants, commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, food vehicle interiors, the soft drinks and brewing industries, and more.

Our custom-made high performance industrial products include:

  • M/A Wonder Wash: Heavy duty (brushless), eco-friendly, vehicle/equipment cleaner and degreaser. Great for pressure washing.
  • M/A Miracle Clean: Medium duty vehicle detergent and equipment cleaner/degreaser. Great for pressure washing.
  • M/A Hi-Power
  • M/A Strip Off
  • M/A Citrus Solv
  • M/A Brake Parts Cleaner
  • M/A Parts Cleaner Solvent – High Flash