Happy New Year and Peace and Health

Happy New Year and Peace and Health be with you in 2021. As we move forward during these uncertain times, we must focus on the TRUTH.

We as a community work hard, we care about each other, we do our best to work the plan that keeps our family and coworkers safe. We would like to be a part of your planning to help ensure a safe & successful 2021.

We provide disinfectant cleaners, PPE, nitrile gloves, heavy-duty floor cleaners & chemicals, vehicle wash, ice melt & janitorial products. (Just to name a few!)

Call 651-227-8901 or order online, if you would like to place an order.

On behalf of everyone at MA Associates, we wish you happiness, health and good fortune.

–Katherine & Tom Howard



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Happy Holiday from the Howards

May Joy, Peace, Hope and Love Bless You and Your Family this Christmas. We wish you a Healthy and Prosperous 2021!!  Thank you kindly for your Business and Loyalty to our small, local and family-owned company. You are a Blessing!!

Thank you kindly for supporting our local family business!

Tom & Katherine Howard
M/A Associates
St. Paul, Minnesota

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Having trouble getting that grease off your hands? Try Wonder Scrub!

A lot of us get dirty when we work. It feels good. It means we’re working hard. But we don’t want to bring that grease and grim home with us – or out to lunch – or into the next client meeting.

Our customers have found that Wonder Scrub will get them customer-ready, home-ready, lunch-ready in minutes. As you can see from the pictures below – it will get the grease out.

But we’re here to tell you that is will also leave your hands feeling like hands, not sandpaper. Call us 651-227-8901 for more info! Or order online.

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Like our New Webite?

Change! Hmm. It’s hard when someone comes in and cleans our office, reorganizes our tools or just moves the dishes to a new shelf. It looks great, sure. But will you be able to find what you need?

We’ve taken that into consideration. We hope you like our new look. It allows you to order online,  subscribe to Our Newsletter or check out the news we have online! But we have left the content ASIS. We may make modifcations in the future, but we’ll do it slowly. 

And we are also just a call away 651-227-8901!



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